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iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Leaked Photos

Ok, they’re not photos of the finished product but according to sonnydickson.com the photos of the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are real. Rumors suggest that these products may be released later this year. From the images below, you can get a sense of how Apple was able to produce yet another like of […]

Apple Orders 13-inch Screen for Testing

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple and it’s suppliers out of Asia are currently messing around with larger smartphone and tablet screens. WSJ says that Apple has requested a 13-inch screen, likely to be tested on a much larger version of the iPad. As Apple is simply testing, it’s uncertain whether these devices will […]

Sneak Peek: iOS 7 on the iPad Mini

If you know your iPad news then you might remember that Apple never showed iOS 7 on an iPad during their be unveil and the developers conference a couple weeks back. iOS 7 beta 2 is out and there are many videos already floating around YouTube showing off the new changes. We’ve selected the video […]

Palatine IL’s District 15 Leases 3k iPad 4s

Palatine IL will be moving in to the future and the newest generation will have the pleasure of making use of the new technology. Starting this fall Community Consolidated School District 15 will be providing iPad 4’s to it’s students. The agreement between the district and Apple resulted in a 3-year lease totaling 1.6 million dollars. […]

Rumor: iPad Maxi Takes iPad to the Next Size

  ETNew.com, a Korean online publication, claims that they have the inside scoop that Apple will not only keep their iPad and iPad Mini devices but add an additional, larger iPad into it’s line-up. The new 12.9 inch screen tablet is being called the ‘iPad Maxi’. While that may sound more like a joke to […]

iPad 5 Will be Considerably Thinner & Lighter

LG, Samsung and Sharp will all be contributing displays that will go into the iPad 5. The glass used for these displays is considerably lighter than the ones used in last-generation’s model. The iPad 5 will sport a 9.7 inch display. A lighter display, thinner profile and the use of only one LED light bar (as apposed […]

Apple Granted 32 New Patents: iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5S & iPhone 6

PatentlyApple has a very specific purpose, to publicize and celebrate Apple’s spirit of invention. The blog regularly posts recent patent information regarding Apple and all of it’s products.  Today the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple 32 patents. The Patents range from itunes updates to internal hardware changes. Many of the patents are focused […]

iPad Mini 2 Retina Display Pushing Back Release

Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst for KGI securities who routinely releases inside information to invests has some news you might be interested in. Although Apple itself is the only one who can confirm the rumors about to be stated. Ming-Chi Kuo has a good reputation for providing reliable information. The second-generation iPad Mini have a retina display. […]

Foul Ball Hits Man’s iPad

This game was held at the University of Iowa, in -you guessed it- Iowa. While a girls softball tournament was going on, an older man sat in-front of MsMiataMiss filming the softball game with his iPad (in portrait for some reason.) MsMiataMiss was surprised to see a foul ball fly straight back and into the […]

Facebook for iPad Update: Brighter and more Beautiful

Facebook rolled out a new update for their iOS app. The app can be found on itunes for download. The new update makes some changes to the iPhone’s app but really focuses on the iPad’s app. Facebook promises iPad users can now connect with friends and “see brighter, more beautiful stories.” Nearly a month ago, […]